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BUFF Dry Brush


BUFF Dry Brush

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Our skin, our largest organ, is an organ of elimination.  A third of our body’s toxins are released through our skin throughout the day.  Dry brushing is an incredible daily ritual to aid our bodies in eliminating toxins, stimulate our lymphatic flow, and smooth out our skin texture!

Dry Brush:
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To get started, follow these steps:

Each morning (before a bath or shower), beginning at your feet, brush your body using long, sweeping motions upwards towards your heart.  Always move towards your heart.

Brush over each area several times, overlapping as you go.  Take care while brushing over more sensitive areas, like breasts.

Once you have brushed your entire body, jump in the shower or bath.  Incorporating some hydrotherapy, by alternating bursts of hot and cold water, helps increase detoxification benefits!

After finishing your shower or bath, pat your skin dry and apply your favourite body lotion or body oil.

To care for your brush, wash with soap and warm water once per week, and leave in a dry, sunny spot to dry.  To avoid mildew, spray your brush with alcohol once it’s dried.

Available in Jute (for sensitive skin), and Sisal (for normal skin).

9” in length, with a white cotton cord handle.

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